Product Review

Brooks Pure Grit 3

This shoe is fast. It has a glove-like fit and is comparable to the Salomon Speedcross, but for a few key differences. The Puregrit is way more forgiving on the toes. It’s still snug, but there is more room and that feels good. This shoe also feels really light and springy. However, it’s definitely not as supportive as the Speedcross. I would use the Puregrit on any non-technical trail/fire roads, but it frustrates on more difficult terrain.  While the sole of your foot sticks to the ground, the looser upper allows for the outside of your foot to slide around, and that doesn’t seem ideal when running around a lot of loose rocks or really uneven surfaces.  Also, if you were chuffing away on a really rocky surface the balls of your feet might start to scream. Still, I’m crushing on this shoe. I don’t want to get too excited, but Puregrit gets a thumb’s up for the inaugural 13 miles. This shoe ran up Natoma (which right now is completely screwed up from past rain) and beyond.

-Claudia (Trail Runner Extraordinaire)