We provide technical expertise, quality service and a positive atmosphere as we aim to fit you in your perfect shoe. Achieving the correct fit for the right shoe is a process that begins as soon as you walk through our door.  The advancements in running shoe technology over the past decade have made it possible to fit nearly every foot type out there. Running shoes are now specifically designed to address a vast variety of foot shapes, sizes, and biomechanical anomalies.  With so many options, It can be difficult to understand which shoe will work best for you. That is why we are here!

Gait analysis
The first step to being correctly fit for running/walking shoes is to have your gait analyzed.  At Foot Pursuit, our dedicated staff will analyze your gait and foot strike as you test different shoes.  We will provide you with feedback from our viewpoint and guide you toward shoes that will work for you. 

Deciding on a pair of shoes 
Once our staff has determined which type of shoe will work best for you, it will be up to you to decide on comfort and feel. We will provide you with a number of choices for your foot type, but ultimately you will let comfort be your guide.

Custom fit is for everyone 
All of our customers receive friendly and professional service. At Foot Pursuit, gait analysis is part of your shoe buying experience. We believe in providing you with the specialized attention you need to help you achieve your fitness goals.  
Customer service is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We approach each and every customer with genuine enthusiasm.  

Come in and let our well-trained staff help you find the best footwear and equipment for your active lifestyle. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and service... so much, that we guarantee our fit!